Team coaching is more than a team building event. It is an approach that works with the interaction of the team as a whole and drives behavior and cultural change to create sustainable, high performing teams. LeaderTrip Coaching® supports the team in addressing the business issues that are crucial to this team’s performance. An assessment is available which reveals a portrait of how the team sees itself. It provides scores in 7 areas of productivity and 7 areas which create the team’s culture. The results of the assessment give the team clear direction for change. Teams work specifically on: 

  • Develop a team vision and find purpose
  • Establish trust
  • Balance different personalities
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Handle conflicts constructively
  • Honor commitments
  • Find collaborative solutions
  • Create rules of working together 
  • Build a strong team spirit
  • Drive change programs
  • I came to work today feeling like a different person. I have a different outlook now.

    Barbara Chronopoulos Licensed Customs Broker, Senator International
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