Coaching Model

The Trip that brings you to where you want to be!

The LeaderTrip Coaching® model is a process which serves as a basis for each coaching assignment. As a client picture yourself being on a LeaderTrip®, substantially progressing on the road of your life just like a bicycle tour which brings you from one point to another as part of a longer journey.

On the LeaderTrip® clients experience five consecutive phases together with their coach. Sometimes it will be necessary to step back to the previous phase for a while before going ahead again, similar to bicycling on s-curved roads up to a mountain summit.

  • Agree: Client and coach establish relationship, gain understanding of the expected outcome and approach
  • Think: Client reflects on performance, raises self-awareness, realizes full potential and defines specific goals
  • Realign: Client generates new insights, determines necessary changes for growth, creates individual win-plan
  • Improve: Client takes actions, implements new mindset, behaviors and routines, increases effectiveness
  • Perform: Client achieves results, demonstrates confidence, ensures sustainability and celebrates success

The specific approach for each client is dependent on the individual goals and expected results from coaching. In the ‘Commit’ phase or latest in the ‘Explore’ phase we will find out about the ‘fitness’ of the client and adjust the ‘pace’ so that the LeaderTrip® always feels comfortable for the client. That includes also adjusting the time of each of the phases to the individual needs.


Disciplining yourself to do what you know is ‪right and ‪important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. – Margaret Thatcher


The coach contributes to the coaching process by:

  • Building a trust based relationship
  • Using time wisely
  • Helping the client to focus on their presence and behavior
  • Listening for understanding
  • Asking powerful questions that unveil answers within the client
  • Providing a different perspective
  • Being honest without being judgmental
  • Co-creating possibilities
  • Keeping the client moving forward (living in a state of positive action)
  • Identifying and acknowledging progress made by the client
  • Sven’s structure, style and process works ! His ability to relate, create trust was the key to my success. Sven is focused on aligning with my goals. He sees my absolute satisfaction as his measure of success.

    Ryan Hickler College Recruiter, Magic Leap, Inc.
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