All people have excellence in them; they have unique talents and are passionate about something very special to them. Awareness of our behavior, personality and attitude, clarity of our values and beliefs give us confidence and enable us to unlock our full potential. Meaningful connection with people is our inspiration and a source of energy on our journey. The commitment to achieve our goals, to make life changing decisions makes us the true leaders of our own lives.

When we talk about our dreams we mean a scenario of the future which is ideal in one or more aspects of our lives. These dreams are imaginative and fascinating; most often they come with mental pictures which show us where we would love to be, giving us some sort of a vision of the future. Dreams don’t come true easily. Some research and reality checks are needed to convert them into concrete goals and actions, but we should never stop pursuing them!

Progress connects people with their dreams. Personal progress is a natural process; it happens through learning, practice and overcoming challenges; it leads to achievement and growth. The drive to individual excellence will make this journey extremely satisfying and rewarding. We can make a difference by developing our talents into strength and softening our weaknesses if they become roadblocks on our way forward. Managing our energy on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – is of the essence to remain in motion. Priorities have to be clear, goals need to be broken down into action plans; routines will help to master the daily agenda.

  • Sven is a great coach to say the least. His powerful questioning gets you thinking at a deeper level to allow for greater self-awareness and critical breakthroughs.

    Melanie Ventura Thrive Team Leader