Executive and emerging leaders partner with LeaderTrip Coaching® to develop their potential and enhance their performance. We identify and specifically work on changes which let them thrive in their professional role. Optional assessments are available to support the process, they focus on Personality Style, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Strength, 360 Degree Feedback. Clients bring objectives like the following in our coaching dialogs:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Build confidence
  • Communicate effectively
  • Develop relationships
  • Control emotions
  • Inspire performance
  • Manage time and priorities
  • Balance work and life
  • Lead with integrity
  • Achieve business results
  • Sven listened very carefully and supported to develop my thoughts further. He had a clear understanding for my situation and encouraged me to move and make changes. Asking for help was never one of my strengths. With this coaching, I have overcome this hesitance and are more and more practicing it now, with good experience.

    Ingrid Kuehtz, MBA Head of GCS Support & Training RMD, Roche Diagnostics International
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