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Provide Assistance

You sent your people off to work on some challenging tasks, they left your conversation excited. Do you know where they are now ? What seemed to be so clear might have become very foggy, what seems to be a doable lift, became a heavy load. Not everybody is comfortable to report the trouble he/she has and ask for help. Some may even feel ashamed. Develop your leadership sensors, they will let you know when your people are lost or burn the midnight oil. You got a signal? Appear and provide ‘road side assistance’, just as much needed to get them back on the track.


Katapult MarketingProvide Assistance
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Keep Promises

We make a lot of promises – every single day. There are the big ones like “you’ll get the business”, “you’ll be promoted” which we usually keep in mind and follow up on. But what about all the rather small commitments we make ? How often do we say “I’ll call you on Thursday”, “we’ll discuss in our next meeting” or just “I’ll let you know” and then we forget about it. Not a big deal ? Maybe for you, but what if your call on Thursday means a lot to the other person ? Any broken word can damage a relationship and your reputation. Take notes if you need to, but let people count on you !

Katapult MarketingKeep Promises
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Act on Feedback

What if you get constructive feedback from others on your behavior and it doesn’t surprise you ? A relief ? Maybe not so much. If you really agree with the comments you got, you seem to have missed to noticeably change your behavior. Start to observe yourself from now on. Get out of your track and become more assertive, more cooperative, more decisive – whatever it is. You know when a situation requires a different approach. Review your performance at the end of the day and keep track of it. It takes time and practice. Others will notice after a while and respond with a compliment.

Katapult MarketingAct on Feedback
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Support Decisions

Have you ever been part of a team that couldn’t come to conclusions and kept arguing their individual perspectives for too long. Highly effective teams don’t waste time. Their members listen to each other and look for solutions which best supports their common goal. They are clear on how they make decision. Most importantly everybody on the team supports those decision, no matter how the discussion was started. This sort of individual commitment makes the success of the team

Katapult MarketingSupport Decisions
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Collect Your Data

As we walk through our lives we are getting to know better the person that we are. Every day is full of clues about our strength, our motivators and our feelings. Take advantage of collecting and analyzing the data. Ask others for feedback and observe yourself, your choices, your decisions, your behavior. Take control of your personal growth, you can only control what you are aware of, but what you are unaware of, controls you.

Katapult MarketingCollect Your Data
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Accept Reality

It’s good to be active, constantly improve and drive things forward. But there are limitations. We all will be confronted with situations that we can neither control nor influence. Changes in the market for supply and demand, the way others operate outside your organization or sometimes even within. Accept the reality and don’t fight windmills. Save your energy and focus on the actions that are in your control. Don’t lose time to deal with new circumstances.

Katapult MarketingAccept Reality
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